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Daughter of Krantiben

Name: daughter of Krantiben  Age Sex: 14days/female Child  DOB: 13/05/2015 Home Address: Surat Gujarat Father Name: Akhilesh Sen Family Income per month: 6000/- Disease:  SURGERY EXPLORATORY ...

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Rehan Bagwan

Name:  Rehan Bagwan Age Sex:  7 years DOB: 31/06/2007 Home Address:   Plot no 4 Gajanan Society Krishna Nagar Khed Satara Father Name: Riyaz  Bagwan Family Income ...

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Ms. Tahura


Name:  Tahura  Age Sex: 14 years old Girl Home Address: Nanded Maharashtra Father Name:  Abdul Jaleel Family Income per month: 6000/- Disease: Aplastic Anemia (AA) Total ...

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Name: Shourya Nandeshwar Age Sex: 5year/ Male DOB: 23/06/2009 Home Address: Rajnandgaon Chattisgarh Father Name: Premkumar Nandeshwar Family Income per month: 2000/- Disease: Per B-Cell Acute ...

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Ramakant Rajbhar

Name: Ramakant Rajbhar Age Sex: 9year 10month/ Male DOB: 10/08/2004 Home Address: Uttar Pradesh Azamgarh Father Name: Kalicharan Rajbhar Family Income per month: 2500/- Disease: Acute ...

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Deepali Gade

Name: Deepali Gade Age Sex: 2year 6month/ Female DOB: 01/05/2011 Home Address: Latur Maharashtra Father Name: Ankush Gade Family Income per month: 2700/- Disease: Per B-Cell ...

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Kalpesh Patil

Name: Kalpesh Patil Age Sex: 11year/ Male DOB: 25/12/2011 Home Address: Jalgoan Maharashtra Father Name: Gulab Patil Family Income per month: 1750/- Disease: Non Hodykins Lymphoma(Tlell) Total ...

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Shubham Sahu

Name: Shubham Sahu Age Sex: 6year 4month/ Male DOB: 01/02/2008 Home Address: Gonda Utter Pradesh Father Name: Shivkumar Sahu Family Income per month: 2500/- Disease: Per ...

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Snehal Roy

Name: Snehal Roy Age Sex: 6year 11month/ Male DOB: 25/12/2011 Home Address: Amherst Street Kolkata Father Name: Krishnedu Roy Family Income per month: 8,000/- Disease: Per ...

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Zaki Shaikh

Name: Zaki Khalil Shaikh Age Sex: 3year 10month/ Male DOB: 25/06/2010 Home Address: Sideyshwar Solapur Father Name: Khalil Shaikh Family Income per month: 6,000/- Disease: ...

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Sagar Gupta

Name: Sagar Gupta Age Sex: 7year 4month/ Male DOB: 7/11/2006 Home Address: Kalyan East Thane Father Name: Rajesh Gupta Family Income per month: 6,000/- Disease: T-Acute ...

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Kiran Kumari Gupta

Name: Kiran Kumari Gupta Age Sex: 14Years /Female DOB: 25/11/1999 Home Address: 32, Block no 3, shastri nagar, kadma East Singhbhum Jharkhand India Father Name: ...

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Vaibhav Shahadev

Name: Vaibhav Shahadev Chaudar Age Sex: 7years /Male DOB: 03/08/2006 Home Address: Post Nipani Jalgaon Tal Pathardi Ahmednagar Maharashtra Father Name: Shahadev Chaudar Family Income per ...

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Parmeshwar Shivaji

Name: Parmeshwar Shivaji Narwade Age Sex: 3years/Male DOB: 12/05/2011 Home Address: Village Shahapur Tal Jamner Jalgaon Maharashtra Father Name: Shivaji Narwade Family Income per month: 2000/- Disease: ...

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Sanket Mangal Susar

Name: Sanket Mangal Susar Age Sex: 8year /Male DOB: 25/3/2006 Home Address: Taluka Buldhana Maharashtra Father Name: Mangal Susar Family Income per month: 3000/- Disease: Acute ...

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Sweta Kumari Yadav

Name: Sweta Kumari Yadav Age Sex: 13years/Female DOB: 01/05/2001 Home Address: Gram Noor Sarai post Bihar sharif Nalanda Bihar Father Name: Ajay Kumar Yadav Family ...

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Ranjeet Pintu

Name: Ranjeet Pintu Waidande Age Sex: 13years/Male DOB: 05/05/2001 Home Address: Village Akluj, Solapur Maharashtra Father Name: Shankar B Waidande Family Income per month: 4,300/- Disease: ...

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Akshay Milind Kamble

Name: Akshay Milind Kamble Age Sex : 6years /Male DOB: 23/07/2007 Home Address: Nr Koshetwar wards church navin pusad Tal Pusad Yavatmal Father Name: ...

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Om Krish Mishra

Name: Om Krish Mishra Age Sex : 8years /Male DOB: 01/12/2005 Home Address: Village Bhelunpadar, PS gaisilet tehsil  gaisilet Dist bargarh state Odisha Father ...

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Sakshi L Bhagat

Name: Sakshi L Bhagat Age Sex: 8years /Male DOB: 23/07/2005 Home Address: Village Sangavi Tal Faltan Satara Maharashtra Father Name: L Bhagat Family Income per ...

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Sanskar Bhujgonda

Name: Sanskar Bhujgonda Patil Age Sex: 2Year/Male DOB: 08/01/2012 Home Address: At Nandani taluka Shirol Kolhapur Maharashtra Father Name: Bhujgonda Patil Family Income per month: ...

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Sai Dashrat Lahane

Name: Sai Dashrat Lahane Age Sex: 3years/Male DOB: 09/10/2013 Home Address: Near Adivashi Vasti at Post Jaigaon Nasik Maharashtra Father Name: Dashrat Lahane Family Income per ...

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Sarvadnya Ravindra

Name: Sarvadnya Ravindra Kolse Age Sex: 2years/Male DOB: 11/06/2012 Home Address: Mukkam Post Guha Taluka Rahuri Ahmednagar Father Name: Ravindra Kolse Family Income per month: ...

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Arpan Das

Name: Arpan Das Age Sex: 5years/Male DOB: 04/09/2008 Home Address: At Arjuri po  choto Ramchandrapur Bardhaman West Bengal Father Name: Shyamal Dasbairagya Family Income per ...

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Bikram Chandra

Name: Bikram Chandra Roy Age Sex: 5years 4month /Male DOB: 06/08/2014 Home Address: takagachi cooch behar West Bengal Father Name: Chandra Roy Family Income per ...

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Roshan Kedara

Name: Roshan Kedara Gouda Age Sex: 3years 4month/Male DOB: 13/10/2010 Home Address: Badbahal, Kuramanlokela GP salebhadi PS mahulpali, Sambalpur Orissa Father Name: Kedara Gouda Family ...

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Sumit Vishwambhar

Name: Sumit Vishwambhar Panchal Age Sex: 10years 5months DOB: 03/07/2003 Home Address: Kerwadi Parbhani, Tal palam Maharashtra Father Name: Vishwambhar Panchal Family Income per month: ...

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Nihal Manish

Name: Nihal Manish Kumar Age Sex: 3year 3month DOB: 10/11/2010 Home Address: Village Tetri naavgachiya Bhagalpur Bihar Father Name: Manish Kumar Family Income per month: ...

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  • Is CVF an international organisation?
  • Does CVF receive government funding?
  • What is the role of CVF in ensuring Child Rights?
  • How does CVF reach out for basic rights to children?

What We Do ?

About usVisionMission
The Child Vision Foundation is a non- profit community organization that was created by all Trustees, on March 2013. The organization has established an endowment fund, which will be preserved permanently and only the income generated by the fund will be used to make grants to organizations.

The foundation is mainly dedicated to provide humanitarian support to qualified not- for- profit organizations throughout all states of India.
Our vision is to be a strategic leadership organisation influencing social transformation through developmental programmers. To work towards creating a better India which provides basic health, education and empowerment to every citizen?

Child’s vision is to be the primary support and platform for a civil society represented by a global community of informed, empowered...
To work towards creating a better India which provides basic health, education and empowerment to every citizen?To be a Knowledge/ Execution Partner of Schools, NGOs, Corporate, and Government agencies for development programmes across India.

Building capacity of education NGOs to achieve sustainability and scalability, thereby enabling delivery of quality education

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